11 Januar 2009

Lehrerinnensex mit 11-Jährigem

Und wieder mal soll sich eine Lehrerin die Finger an einem Kind verbrannt und schmutzig gemacht haben. Die jetzt 58-jährige Lehrerin erwischte es jetzt nach mehr als 25 Jahren nach der Tat, sie wurde verhaftet.
A retired Orange County public school teacher has been charged with sexually assaulting a child under the age of 12.

Orlando police said they received videotapes in 2005 of Wanda Smith, 58, having sex with a student. The tapes were found in a local pastor’s home by his son. He recognized Smith because she used to be married to his father.

At the time the tapes were turned over to police, Smith denied the other person on the tape was a minor and investigators could not conclude the age of the other individual. Interviews in late 2008 and earlier this month with the victim, Smith, Smith's ex-husband, and his son, led up to Smith's arrest on Thursday.

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